Monday, June 7, 2010

Opus in F Major by Tony Curtis

Video made for Poem by Tony Curtis "Opus in F Major", this was my first attempt at using affects. The people dancing are video footage I took with my digital camera of shadows moving and the the houses are paintings I scanned.


Lois Sprengnether Keel said...

Wow, Laura, I love this! Can't help but have questions. Did a quick check & see the Tony Curtis who wrote the poem is an Irish poet & not the movie actor of the same name.

Does the poem actually begin "To make it folk I've borrowed a tune from the fields" or is that your explanation about the music?
Is the entire text given here? If not, is there somewhere I can find it?
Also the music by the 5 string banjo & fiddle, did Tony Curtis write that, too?

Love it all, including your artwork & the dancing shadows.

Laura Dowling said...

Hi Lois, thank you for the lovely comment, All the words in the video are from the poem "Opus in F Major for 5 string banjo and fiddle" by Tony Curtis, I did'n include every line of the poem but the first line is "To make it folk..". The music is The Marino Waltz by John Sheahan, an Irish Composer and member of the band The Dubliners. The poem is dedicated to John who is a good friend of the Poet. I cannot find anywhere online where you can read the poems but you can see more great videos that my classmates made here